evga or XFX gtx260 core 216

hey guys, im all the way from australia. So you might get confused with the australia $ currency

anyways i was thinking of buying a evga gtx 260 core 216

But im left with a delimma. I dont know which on to get, stock or the superclock


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  1. I also have this in mind because it comes with game bundle "farcry 2" and its alot cheaper.

    XFX gtx 260 core 216 extreme edition
  2. if i was to go with evga, i was thinking of buying the stock and just overclock it myself since they are easy to do. It is also the newer version 55nm
  3. any helpers out there wanna put in their 2cents
  4. Well usually they put superior parts to handle the OC, in the OC version of a video card. But if you overclock the stock card you can probably reach the level of the OC version, before that card gets overclocked. The thing with EVGA is that it's a bit pricier, but you can 'step up' if EVGA releases a newer/faster/better video card in the next 90 days. If you don't plan on stepping up, by all means go with the cheaper XFX card and save yourself some money.
  5. ^ Nice try, 'Step up' only works in the US and Canada Grrrrr:(

    Get the 'Farcry2' card, even if you already have the game, that card is only a tiny bit slower than the Superclocked and the same price as the 'stock' card; $289 AUS!
  6. Evga has customer support 24/7
    most of my computer consists of evga items.
    their products are built with quality and live longer
    where as xfx doesnt give *** about you after you've bought their item.
    xfx does have cooler designs but evga is better and cheaper.
  7. thanks for all your input
    Ive ordered the evga gtx260 superclock. 3 reasons
    i heard their customer support is good and lifetime warrenty
    farcry 2 is no biggie
    the black and red casing suits my rig theme as ive got black and red theme going on
  8. well I own both brands EVGA and XFX video cards......both work with out problem, the one thing I like over EVGA is that XFX has double life time warranty.....it's not much but if you up date a lot like some people do, it's a good selling point.....all in all both rock solid products to own......my 2 cent on the subject..
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