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I had a problem with my redfox motherboard, checksum bad error. This problem started when I was playing music on windows media player and suddenly it hangs. when I restarted the PC, there's no display on the monitor. So I set the pc aside and have it cooled down for 2 hours. After 2 hours i turned on the pc again and it cannot continue due to this error "CMOS checksum bad". It instructs me to press F2 to load defalut values of BIOS or DEL to set-up BIOS. So I press del. After that I can access the BIOS but upon examining the settings. My keyboard didn't work anymore. So I restarted the PC again and until now no display was seen on the screen.

Can anybody help me solve this problem? Please tell me your insights.

Best regards,

Dennis Codis
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  1. Try disabling "spread spectrum" in the advanced chipset section of the bios; this section has a different name on some boards.
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