Taking hardrive and version of windows installed to another computer?

I have a gateway pc that i bought from a local store and i'm looking to upgrade to a different one here in the next couple weeks...i was wondering if i was to take the hard drive out of my current computer with the copy of windows still on it and use it in another computer after the drivers and whatnot is installed? or does windows 7 have security features to where you need to buy the windows cd?

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  1. I've never tried it with win7, but I've done it with xp and the first thing you'll need to do is install the motherboard chipset drivers...
    After that if you've changed the video cards then you'll want to remove the old ones...
    Next you'ld want to install and run CCleaner and run the cleaner, then the registry cleaner.
    After you get no errors in the analyze scans then you should reboot and finish your driver installs for graphics card and so forth...
    Hope this helps....please post back if this works...
  2. That wont work I am afraid. Win 7 is married into the hardware and recognizes major variance in hardware configurations. The new system will require different drivers and at best you can expect an unstable PC, at worst a good old Blue Screen of Death. No Windows OS takes well to new computer without a fresh install.
  3. so i dont suppose backing up everything i want to save on an external, installing the hardrive and doing a factory reset with it installed in the new rig would work? I really dont want to have to spend the extra for the windows cd when i already have it on a hard drive.
  4. you really will need to im afraid, a change in the amount of cores is always a no go for HD swaps
  5. In theory you could move the drive and then boot from the Win7 DVD for a repair installation, which would replace the necessary drivers.

    But the above posters are correct about the activation. Plus, if you have Win7 on the drive but not a Win7 DVD, and you got the drive when you bought the Gateway computer, the license is an OEM license tied to that particular computer. Running it in the new machine is a violation of the licensing terms, if you care about that.

    The factory reset idea would definitely fail: it would reset it to a state that works with that Gateway motherboard and equipment.
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