Asus P6T Deluxe Power Problem

Hi all, I just bought a new case (lian li pc-a71f) and when i put all my hardware in it and pushed the power button nothing happened. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? I checked if i inserted the cables from the case into my mobo correctly for about 20 times. If i push the power button on my mobo nothing happens too, although the red light on the mobo button does burn.

I have the following config

mobo: asus p6t deluxe
cpu: intel I7 920
gpu asus gtx 295
antec truepower 750 W
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  1. Have you plugged in the extra power connector into the motherboard?

    Looks a bit like the white socket there on the right (its usually a 4 pin connector that plugs into one side, but read the manual for clearer instructions)
  2. Yes i did, i'm starting to think my mobo is fried.
  3. should be an 8 pin EPS connector plugged in by the CPU not a 4 pin.
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