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Need an apropriate guide to mobo [ Input/Adivce ]

Last response: in Motherboards
January 1, 2010 6:31:45 PM

:hello:  Community

So far i'd been introduced into a limited amount of components in the computer, and been told to download PC Wizard to determine most of the general computer parts. I'm certainly guessing that the mainboard is the motherboard. Important as it really is I need to det. my mobo in my chassis before I move onto my computers first upgrade stage, including another gsu, an upgraded psu, and possibly a new cooling system if professionally recommended. So far this is what I've come up with so far when I try to put the peices of the puzzle together. So i'm not 100% sure of my mobo.

Mainboard : Gateway TBGM01
Chipset : Intel X58

And here is what I get on the OEM {Original Equipment Manufacturer} # 1 :


After reserch with the info PC Wizard had given me, here is what I got up to ;

Certain things on that website I don't understand such as the first model manufactuers name or w.e it is.[Ex. Asus / P6T SE / ATX]

I'm planinng to add another gsu, so I'd been told that you need crossfire on your mobo, in order to go into that step. Wondering if anyone has a step by step process of how crossfire works and If my mobo has crossfire within it ?
January 8, 2010 10:08:17 PM


Almost two weeks

No one ? Model of my computer is FX-6800-03h

How do I understand the first code of the mobo's name is ? I've done as much as I can and I am still missing one peice of the puzzle to fully know my mobo.

I really need to find out if my mobo can support Crossfire because I need to upgrade my computer
April 1, 2010 4:18:34 PM

You will need to open the side panel and look at the label between where the DIMM slots are located and where the CPU is mounted. This is the label which describes your motherboard. Since no one on this thread seems to have your exact model of Gateway FX-6800 series, they can't provide any input.

Gateway has someone manufacture motherboards for them (vendor or exact spec unknown). Gateway, for an unknown reason doesn't provide a detailed description of the motherboard to their Technical Support staff who man the phones, nor to provide web access to this level of documentation to their customers.

Shame on you Gateway/eMachine/Acer ... and I own computer from each of those companies.

For the Gateway FX6800-01E model, the Motherboard label is:

U00B090301909 __ PC TBGM01-1.0-8EKS3H

CPU-Z reports the following:

Manufacturer: Gateway Model: TBGM01
Chipset: Intel X58 Rev: 12
Southbridge: Intel 82801JR (ICH10R)

------------------------------ Some systems report this motherboard as "TBGM-01 MATX X58"

This seems to be a very common motherboard used by a number of different models being used by Gateway.

Gateway has a method to setup the motherboard using a jumper titled ( DB_SEL ), along with a jumper located next to a programming interface titled ( MFG ), which looks like...

______p ---+ Jumpered together
______p ---+ Jumpered together
p p p b p The " b " stands for a blank header location, where the pin isn't located
p p p p p The " p " stands for pins coming out of the header.