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OK, I'll admit from the start that I have delved into ancient history. And also please excuse the verbose initial post. I had an A8N-SLI Deluxe computer with 4 meg RAM installed running Windows 2000 for about 2 years - until about two years ago when the motherboard supposedly crashed. Processor is an AMD 3800 running at 2400. I loved that computer. In order to get things going at home I rebuilt the computer with relatively cheap parts and then procedded to purchase used A*N-SLI Deluxe motherboards, a case, etc. with the idea that I would build the A8N-SLI Deluxe computer again. As things go I am just now building that computer and I decided to go with windows xp Professional x64 as the operating system.

Now to the problem:

I've done some internet speed tests to an Austin, Texas site - about 60 miles from where I live - and the hardwired result is between 2 and 2.5 Mb/s. I have SBC DLS Prowhich is supposed to deliver 3Mb/s. The best I have been able to do with wireless is always less than 0.5Mb/s and most times below 0.3Mb/s. The wireless adapter says the signal strength is 54mbps everytime I look at it. I have noticed at times that the wireless gets dropped but I have not noticed this during a test.

My wireless adapter is a Zonet (Ralink) 1603 and is running with the x64 system but I could not install the Zonet setup tool because it gave x64 blue screens so I had to let windows set up the card and now I don't know how to gain access to all of the cards settings. I can get to some and have found a few that help marginally.

My wireless router is a D-link DI-624.

Any ideas or links would be appreciated.
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    the reason your wireless router is slower is due to the packet sending process. it will always be slower. the router has to go through extra steps to send the same information. some people will give up speed for convenience. my advice is to always stay hard lined especially if you have the option to do so. the adapter is saying 54mbps because that is what it is capable of, not what it is actually receiving. now with the speed that your provider is supplying, that might be an issue in the system itself or it could be your modem being slow, but i know with company i work for we almost always run above the speed we offer (at the modem). you might have them come out and look at that but 2.5mb is still pretty close.
    sincerely, cable guy
  2. Thank you for the reply. I moved the computer with the adapter to within 8 feet of the wireless router with no walls just to check and the wireless speed was much closer to the hard wired speed. Earlier it had been about 40 feet from the router through two walls.

    I do have another question. I settled on the Zonet adapter because I could not make a D-link WDA-2320 adapter work with the xp x64. I searched the internet for a driver that would work but that was before I found this site.

    Does anyone know of a driver that will cause the WDA-2320 to work with xp x64?
    Thanks, geophyte1
  3. I found what I needed on the setup site of this board.
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