Which 1156 mobo for usb 3.0?

As the title says, which of the two motherboards would you take, asus or gigabyte for usb 3.0 support? I know that usb 3.0 is quite far away but why not buying if I can right? My CPU will be i5 so its a 1156 mobo. I planned to buy the gigabyte mobo p55a-ud4 but then I came across a site saying that the 1156 boards don't use usb 3.0's quite smartly (look below if you don't know what I mean).

1. So which of these two boards would you suggest?: Gigabyte's P55A-UD4 or Asus's P7P55D-E Pro?

2. I'm planning to have ati 5850 and so if ill take the gigabyte's mobo my graphic card will have 8x, at this site http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/HD_5870_PCI-Express_Scaling/25.html it says that it will only lose 1-2%, you think its really only that much? (Note that I'm not planning to have crosfire so picking gigabyte's mobo isn't a problem, I'm just worried that my 5850 will get slower more than 2%)

3. Meaybe little silly question but will I be restricked of using both the usb's 3.0 and both sata lll all at once because of this, meaybe only one at a time or? (goes to both boards)

4. Didn't quite understand, so does the asus mobo's have any disadvantage regarding of teh usb 3.0 / sata lll?

As you know at 1156 mobo's the PCIe goes trough the processor itself so we only have 16x lanes.
Gigabyte's motherboards support usb 3.0 that it takes half of the PCI lanes and use it, so the graphic card has 8x and the usb 3.0 and sata lll uses 8x, or if your running SLI or CrosFire it uses the PCI 1.0 so it has only 2.5 GT/s (half of the speed).
Asus's motehrboards usb 3.0 works little different it doesn't take the 16x lanes, but it has PLX PCIe bridge and it converts the four 2,5 GT/s lanes to two 5 GT/s lanes so it uses a full PCIe bandwidth.

Sorry for the long text and thanks for your help.
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  1. This article explores the different implementation of USB 3.0 by ASUS and Gigabyte.

  2. Yea I know, I already read that article, and this one http://www.overclockers.com/gigabyte-p55a-series-motherboards-part-2-superspeed-usb-pushed-limit/ and this one http://www.tweaktown.com/articles/3079/sata_6gbps_implementation_investigated_asus_vs_gigabyte_p55/index.html

    But overall I just want to see what others think. It will take quite some time for them to get standard, especialy sata lll. But I'm buying a completly new rig in less than a month and won't upgrade it some time, so thats why I'll take with usb 3.0, even if they aren't perfect. I guess I'll take the asus -e pro but still don't know if I can run both or even everything ( usb 3.0 + sata lll) smootly at once and if the asus has any larger dawnside like gigabyte's? (but still I won't have crossfire and don't really care of 8x, because it only slows by 2% as show in the link I provided before so I could even go with gigabyte's if necessary)

    Thanks for response guys.
  3. I plan to just get a PCIe card to implement USB 3.0 - and perhaps SATA 6 GB/s, when available.
  4. Yes I also though about that but Asus already released a usb 3.0 and sata lll PCIe card, ASUS U3S6 and it uses PCIE 1x, so thats the same as I would buy p7p55d-e pro (the card has the same PLX PCIe bridge). I read about these cards on other sites and every card will go trough PCI, because of the high speed and as 1156 mobo's have limited lanes there really isn't a big difference if I take a mobo with already implented usb 3.0 now or later a pci card. Meaybe the future cards will be little better (manage better than the current asus's) but asus can update there drives any time. Well I don't know yet, I still have time to decide.
  5. I am hoping that before I upgrade we will have a new mobo that replaces the P55 and has a lot more PCIe lanes that accomodate both twin x16 slots at full speeds and perhaps the faster SATA and USB. If not, it might be just one more reason to go with a 1336 socket CPU and mobo.
  6. Yea but, if you look at it little different, I myself won't have crossfire or sli, only will use 1 graphic card, the asus p7p55d-e pro doesn't take half of the 16x lanes for usb 3.0 / sata lll like gigabyte's mobo but it takes the rest of the PCIe lanes.

    Also what can I use the free PCIe slots for? I can't think of anything as I would already have everything I need from the asus's motherboard.

    So for those that only attend to use 1 graphic card and are not planning to add anything to the PCIe slots (for example sound card or I don't know) could easily take the current motherboards that supports usb 3.0 and sata lll.

    Only I'm still wondering, can I use sata lll and usb 3.0 both at a time without having reduced speed of both or one beeing reduced because of the other. If anyone know, share it please. :)
  7. What two extremely-high-speed devices do you expect to have connected at the same time?
  8. Gigabytes new GA-P55A-UD7 1156 board allows for USB 3.0 ans SATA 3 and uses an nforce chip to increase the available lanes so u can get 16x16/16x8x8/8x8x8x8 its due out this month i believe.. but its sure to be pricey like the 1336 boards.
  9. @roxkyjohn Sorry for not replying, that was just an example just wanted to know if it gets limited which apperantly it does if you use all at once (which is unlikely). Also I came to a conclusion to take either Asus or Gigabyte with one 16x lane and a 4x lane, the 16x is for graphic card of course and the 4x will be for a PCIe card supporting usb 3.0 and/or sata III when it will get popular.

    @alamosun Well the ga-p55a-ud7 is already available in my country and it costs 294€ which is clearly to much, at that price it costs much more than a nice 1356 motherboard.
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