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Hello and before anything, Ill say it to myself, "you are a moron", ok, now that out of the way I'll like to ask for help.
I own a Dell 8400 , I installed XP Pro on a 320 GB Sata HD. I installed a vid card and sound card. i downloaded software, AV and one of the latest game for PC whiuch ran with no problem on the 3.0 Ghz CPU.
After I turned it off, windows was updating but still, I did powered it off by pushing the power button. I know, I know.
Came back , tried to power it up but, NO power, no led lights no noises, no nothing. I checked cables, connectors, nothings.
I removed all accessories and disconnected everything and tested the PSU by shorting out the green and black connectors and it ran full force, I even swapped PSU but still nothing. I reseted CMOS pins (J8G2 abd J7J3) the ones I only found. bu holding power button down for 2 minutes, disconnecter power cable to PSU, removed BIOS battery, pressed power button 2 minutes , let it sit there overnight, checked MO BO of anything broken, bloated, corroded etc, but nothing. I purchased a CPU but I am inclined to say that I fried the motherboard. I thought it was a software related problem but it went beyond that. MOBO goes around $90.00,
Any help from anybody will be appreciated,
Thanks Tony
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  1. Exactly what have you upgraded - please provide make and model - that is not part of the original equipment, and was it part of the latest upgrade or earlier ones?
    After installing XP Pro did you reintall the Dell mobo drivers according to directions?
    Also drivers for audio and video cards?

    So you are saying that after the upgrade, every thing was working fine but then you shut down computer and turned off power while it was doing a Windows update? Was this one of the major service packs?

    You might run through this checklist - it is for a new build but since you recently changed some things many items setill apply:
  2. Hello Rocky, thanks for the reply.
    This is an original Dell Dimension 8400, nothing was modified, it came with no HDD so I installed a new 120 G HDD. I was able to install Windows XP, I installed all drivers and like I said, everything was working fine, I even played Call of Duty 4 on line with no problems. The only thing that I installed was a vid card, Ati HD 3800 and Audigy 2zs sound card. and you are right, while I tried to turn it off it said, do not turn off, windows is updating, that was the Windows major pack update., but I hit the power button anyways and that was it. I read your check list and everything was done properly. disconnected everything but still no power to MO BO , no sign of power to the rear facing LED lights, I will try to take everything apart and put it back together piece by piece. Thanks for reply rockyjohn
  3. Hmm - very strange. It appears to have happened because of shutting down during the upgrade, but a corrupt OS should not prevent it from booting and reading BIOS unless something else occurred.

    How old is the system? It is a long shot but I would first change out the BIOS battery - they only cost from $2 to $5 depending on where you get them.

    Did you double check all the basics - power to the wall socket, PSU switch on back of PC turned on, all connections solid?

    Did you install new drivers for the HD 3800? If not, I would go back to the old vid card and remove the sound card - basically going back to the old configuration until you get it working again.

    Any chance while you were adding the new cards you dropped something shorting out the mobo? You might remove the mobo to check - and while you have it out - see if it will run outside the PC - still connected off course to the PSU and hard drive and monitor.

    If still not working, I would try to find another PSU to test with the system.
  4. Ok rocky BIOS battery was replaced, it is a 2003 desktop, PSU switch checked, tested with a different PSU, all connections checked, I removed the Vic card and sound card and still no power at all. The case was closed when this occurred, so I don't think I shorted it out. I will disassemble to Mo Board and will inspect it. I will keep you posted, thanks again. Strange indeed.
  5. frwycop said:
    The case was closed when this occurred, so I don't think I shorted it out. I will disassemble to Mo Board and will inspect it. I will keep you posted, thanks again. Strange indeed.

    But immediately before pushing the power button, didn't you have the case open as you installed the video and audio cards?
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