Many SSD Coming Out! What about SATA 2?

I'm getting a 120GB SSD within the week. I've been waiting to see if the Vertex 3 or C400 would be worth the price but I can't say that they would be on a SATA 2 connection. What drive wins in the SATA 2 department? I need TRIM. I know the big names are the Vertex 2, Agility 2, C300.

Theres also an interesting benchmark,2908-11.html

which shows the Intel 320 (which is fairly new) being really good, but I don't know if it has TRIM.

What do I get for a SATA 2 connection! Thanks!
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  1. The Intel 320 series ssd's support the Windows trim function.
  2. I'd go with Vertex 3 or the C400.

    I'm not sure about the aggressiveness of trim recovery on the C400 but I can say without doubt that the previous throttling/slow recovery issue with the older Sandforce controllers has been nearly eliminated with the V3.

    I pounded my 240 with 140GB incompressible data sets with a nearly full drive and they stay near full speeds. In fact, it's so good I would even prefer an upgrade over my V2's running on sata2.

    These V3 drives stay full throttle almost all the time now which was the only dislike I really have with them. V3 will surely take the overall medal once the dust settles.
  3. @Johnny thanks for confirming.
    @groberts i just learned about those issues with the older C300. About the Vertex 3, it's out now but the price for the 120g is $100 more than last gen, and I can't utilize the SATA 3 which means I'm essentially paying for the SF controller.
  4. despite sata2 limitations, I would still recommend the V3 due to much stronger performance and greatly improved firmware and GC capability.

    But yeah.. price is way high though and I'll still wait to move from my V2 array as well.
  5. I read on Atech that the C400 and Intel's 320 both use the last generation of controllers and that the C400 degrades over time like non SF controllers usually do. They pretty much back the Vertex 3 all over..
  6. Even though you might not be able to support SATA 6.0 now, you might later. And if the controller is error/problem free, then its worth it. The only question is whether your budget can handle it or not.
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