Hello, I have a question. While i am a techie, i am not enough of one to answer this. Is it possible to install my OS on my SSD, and then RAID a partition of my traditional drive together to create a backup so i will not have to worry about the SSD failing a week or 2 into buying it? Will this defeat the purpose of using a SSD? Will i need something specific on any motherboard i buy besides RAID support? Any information will help, thanks.
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  1. A RAID 1 would work, but write performance will be at the speed of the hard disk. All you need is a motherboard that supports RAID.

    If you're using an OS like Windows 7, why not perform daily backups to the hard disk?
  2. Raid SSD and reg HD not good idea,

    You can use backup software to synch the drives.
    for example install windows and all u want on ssd, then clone it to same size partition on other reg HDD, then set it to update maybe once a day or auto,
    this way you get speed of ssd+complete backup, even if ssd fails u can simply boot from other drive and have all your stuff.

    here is example of program u can use to set it up
  3. I'm running something like this and am very pleased with the results. I'm using a Vertex2 60gb as my boot drive, and then a pair of 2TB drives in RAID 1 as my primary storage drive. I set up windows 7's backup feature to back the system drive up once a week to the 2TB mirrored array. Performance is good all around, the 2TB drives these days easily push 100MB/s transfer rates and I still trust their reliability better than any SSDs being made now.

    Actually, I re-read what you were originally asking and yeah as duxducis said that's probably not a great way to go. Use the SSD as a standalone boot and use HDD's in a RAID 1 array for big storage.
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