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It's time to build a new machine and I keep hearing about people having issues fitting GTX cards into their rigs. Are there certain things either when buying a MOBO or case I need to pay attention to so I make sure and not have a space issue?

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  1. Umm, buy a ruler and measure your case before you buy a new card?

    The mobo doesnt usually matter unless it doesnt have a pcie slot, which would be very rare unless it is ancient.

    The length and width are the importnat things to make sure, some cases are nto long enough, some (dell for example) are backwards and the width is important to avoid heatsinks.
  2. i believe that the 200 series range from 9.5-10.5 inches in length (but you might want to check it out for yourself, as im not sure.)
    all mid tower cases (except the slim versions) can fit a 200 series card, you might have to move your Hard drives around but they will fit.

    motherboards arent the issue, the cases are.
  3. I have a GTX260 in an Antec 900 case and I am having no problems. Since I use a Gigabyte GA-MA770-UD3 motherboard, I am able to use the middle front fan to keep the card cool.

    These cases go for about $99 on alot of websites withfree shipping.
  4. Make sure the heatsink on the northbridge doesn't get in the way. As for cases it just depends on the case. General advice, don't buy a really cheapy one like a linkworld or something. You can also read some of the reviews on new egg to see what people have managed to fit into the case you are looking at and if they had any particular problems.
  5. Any good brand CPU will do.

    In the newegg costumer reviews section people list their views and experiences.
    There is a bright chance than someone has commented about the GTX card in that case.
    For example I once read in an antec 300 review that The guy comfortably fitted a GTX 260 in his case.

    Look for these types of comments.They will help.
  6. Just read what ppl have to say about this case.
    You can see for other cases also.
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