Looking for some Phenom II 955 OC settings

Hi All,

My head is spinning from all the overclocking guides/threads/tips/vids and i know there's lots of great tutorials out there, but I'm just wondering if any AMD 955/965 users can tell me what worked for them to get a stable 3.8-4.0 ghz overclock? looking for combination of all changes made to Multiplier, Voltage, FSB, NB, HT, memory timings/memory voltage etc. (by the way I'm still using DDR2 so i'd like to hear from any fellow ddr2 users on this subject as well)

I also have a question: As I mentioned above I'm using DDR2 800 PC2-6400 ram (2X2gb), CAS latency 5, timings 5-5-5-15. Being a n00b to overclocking will I have to change my ram settings/overclock it in order to run a stable 3.8 ghz cpu overclock, or can I leave that part alone? The RAM part of overclocking is confusing to me. my mobo manual says I can overclock ddr2 up to 1200, and several people on newegg said my RAM is overclockable to at least 1066.

This may also be a stupid question, so bear with me, but is overclocking ram how you get the latency/timings down too? I'm optimizing for FSX and I've heard that getting ddr2 timings down to 4-4-4 is best for the program.


Here's my system specs:
AMD Phenom II 955 3.2 (currently OC'd to 3.4, Multiplier only)
Asus M4a785T Mobo
4GB G.skill RAM NT series DDR2-800, PC2-6400, 5-5-5-15
XFX Radeon HD 6790 1GB OC'd to 875mhz core/1100mhz memory
Apevia 700W blue PSU
WD Caviar Black 500GB
WD Caviar Blue 320GB
Windows 7 64bit
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  1. Multi.: x20
    FSB: 200
    vcore: 1.488v
    memory leave that alone on your set up
    to get your memory to do 4-4-4-12@800MHz it will greatly depend on the RAM modules
    HT 2200@1.2v
    NB 2600@1.2v
    clocking up the NB will make the RAM respond quicker
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