Dual GeForce 9600GT 1mb VS GeForce GTX 260 896mb

Hey guys I am customizing my Barebones PC from magicmicro.com and I need your help deciding which graphics card to get...

I want to be able to play the top of the line games now and for the next year or two to come (diablo 3 :D). Which would perform better, the GeForce GTX 269 896mb or Dual GeForce 9600GT 1mb. Thanks for the help
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  1. lol. the gtx 260, by a lot.
  2. the 260

    if you have a good PSU
  3. I'd also say get the single card, although I am not certain that it is greatly superior to a pair of 9600gts'. My reason is that, unlike them, it can be added to later, they will have to be replaced if an upgrade is needed.
  4. http://www.firingsquad.com/hardware/geforce_9600_gt_sli_performance/page3.asp

    its not fast, not like todays cards.

    its fast like yesterdays cards. ;p
  5. correct me if i am wrong but isn't the GTX 260 nothing but a renamed 8600/8800GT?
  6. ^ You're wrong ;)
    The 8800 evolved into the 9800 which in turn mutated into the GTS250.
    No idea what the 8600 turned into, possibly some kind of hideous virus.

    And Neon neophyte, compare and contrast:


    Not sure what happened with the CoH figures, the Firingsquad SLI rig scores as much -or little- as Techppowerup does with one card, at the same resolutions!
  7. Ok so it seems like definately the 260 GTX...do you guys think that will carry me over with top graphics and decent fps for the next year or so?
  8. @ Iahwhite: Depends on resolution.
    At 1280x1024 or 14440x900 or 720P, most likely yes, but games continue to use more and more resources and if you're at 16x10 or higher, then no, you should be looking at a GTX275 or it's highly likely you'll need to turn things down as time goes on.
  9. depends on the resolution you want.

    in about a year i suspect our games will use 2 gig graphics cards. so ull have to keep the resolution lower, or lower your textures or something.
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