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I'm planning om building a central media player for all my music, movies, tv-shows, pictures etc

but What hardware do I need?

First of, this is only for my Laptop (win xp) and Desktop PC (Win 7).

thought about buying this NAS, but is this the right component for storage, and can i play my media files directly from this on both my laptop and Desktop??

Later I will add a HD tv and a amplifier for music/sound. so this has to be compatible with most tv's and amps.

I'm completely new to these sort of set-ups, and know absolutely nothing about how to set up a home network.

any advice will be appreciated
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  1. rambostyrer said:

    Don't you notice the user comment on this product?


    “Very, very, very slow. Max transfer speeds of 6mb/s. Sustained about 3.5mb/s. If you put in hibernate mode to save ...”
    — 12/31/2010
  2. as far as i know that is plenty for watching Tv or movies in HD......
  3. BD bit rate is up to 50mb/s
    MKV 1080p is 8~10mb/s

    Please keep that in mind...

    Anyway here is my suggestions for Media Players:

    DUNE BASE, TVIX S1 Slim, POpCorn Hours, Apple TV, WDTV, Seagate GoFlex™ TV... There are dozen of them out there

    These has built in H264 codec and containers... so it will play most of the A/V files. Connect your player to your network with CAT5e/CAT6, HDTV monitor and surround sound system...

    Now you can stream A/V files from your LAPTOP, DESKTOP or NAS to it
  4. forget my suggestion, my thread is not about that NAS, but if I can use a DLNA certified NAS to storage my media files, and then use my desktop or laptop as players.

    with the option of adding a TV and Music system later.

    Oh, by the way, the connection has of course to be wireless
  5. I'd suggest




    Avoid the offered 7200.11 combo as the 11's had a firmware issue.

    Given your intended usage and the small enclosure, I'd strongly recommend the 7200.12's over the equivalent WD's and Spinpoints due to the Seagate's huge advantage in sound level and temperature.,1016.html?prod[2777]=on&prod[3016]=on&prod[2365]=on

    If ya buy diskless, it's always cheaper .... takes about 12 seconds to install a HD in NAS.

    If ya buy w/ disk(s), wait till it arrives and order exact match for best results.
  6. Thanks!

    But no really not considering harddrives yet, as i thought that would be pretty simple.
    Would prefer a diskless system, as that would be more practical( and cheaper) in the long run.

    But if I connect a TV, the NAS (and the tv) has to be certified DLNA right, or am I wrong?

    It has to be said I know basicly nothing about network or NAS servers.
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