Xigmatek Dark Knight setup

Hey guys I got a question about my Xigmatek Dark knght setup
so this is what I have so far

Top fan blowing hot air out
Back fan blowing hot air out
Side fan blowing cold air in
2x front fans blowing cold air in

Now which way should my xigmatek dark knight face and should the xigmatek fan suck hot air out of heatsink or blow cold air into the heatsink.

edit: my case is antec 300 btw
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  1. If your back fan is blowing hot air out and your front fan is pulling in, you dont want to have your heatsink doing a push and pull effect. Have the fan on the heatsink blowing into the heatsink and going out the back of the case.
  2. oki my xigmatek fan will face the front of mycase and blow cold air into heatsink, hope my ram wont get in the way =/
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