Need a more reliable wifi router/modem than my WAG160n linksys - reccomendations


Never been happy with the Linksys WAG160N Router, rests it self every hour, drops the Wifi when you try and move large amounts of data about e.g. Backing up to a NAS is impossible and is very laggy when play xbox on-line :-( and final nail is the range is very poor. It's been manufacturer replaced twice all units have been the same so clearly a rubbish product so now need to replace but unsure what to buy? Had a belkin N1 previously, that died after only 4 months and Belkin support is so rubbish ended up throwing it away and will never buy Belkin again. Any suggestions welcome, thanks.
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  1. Anything anyone can suggest that you've experianced?
  2. Long time between followups but I'll give this a shot. I recent tested several routers one of being the Linksys WAG160N v2 Wireless N, a Netgear DG834DSP and Linksys WAG200 Wireless G. Prior to this a SMC WBRA.

    The short of it is there was not much difference between the 3 when testing from the longest distances, however the WAG160N had better video performance meaning less pauses on Youtube over the 1500k ADSL 1 link.

    I settled on the WAG160N due to this reason but also because I was able to get best range and eliminate dropouts with the following tweaks :

    1. Roll back the firmware from 2.00.20 to 2.00.17 - increase speed and eliminate dropouts !
    2. Change the wireless mode from Mixed to G only. Got an extra bar of range disabling the wireless N.

    Overall reasonably happy - still could do with better range but not about to go and spend $200-$300 on a dual band router without extensive research this time.
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