G.skill ram and motherboard question.

I am looking to buy 8gb of g.skill ram ddr2 1066

I am installing it on a

but when I went to g.skill website here

I did not see that it is on the supported motherboards list. There is motherboards that are so close to mine but I do not see my motherboard. I also checked out their other memory in the category of ram and did not find a board number matching mine exactly.

Do you think it is still safe to purchase the memory?
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  1. It should work fine.
  2. Thanks for the answer I was thinking the same thing, just not 100% sure.

    P.S. very interesting name
  3. If any one wants to add to this it will just make my decision easier.
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    I also think it will work fine, Everything I have installed Gskill in worked fine, it's a quality memory stick, I currently have 4 sticks in my cart @ newegg for my macbook and my gateway desktop.
  5. I bought them and installed them with out a problem thanks for the advice
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