Asus K8V Via chipset not detecting new hard disks

Just got some new hard disks, two Velociraptor 150 GB(WD15000HLFS) I am going to configure to RAID 0, and a single WD Caviar Black 1 TB(WD1002FAEX). The Via controller (on board mobo controller) won't detect any of them but the promise(also onboard) will. My question: With the K8V Deluxe(all BIOS updated already), is thier any option, such as a SATA III controller card(PCI only, no PCIe)? This PC built as a Falcon NW(Mach V) back in 2002. I am using Winodws XPPro SP3(and no detectable problems with the loading of any on Promise controller chip) however, I do not feel safe running as that chip is not SATA III. could cause data problems in the future.
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  1. In BiOS, make sure SATA raid is enabled. That will enable the 2nd SATA controller.
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