My 3.9GHz 1090T Guide

Hey all, first post here. I read quite a lot on here, but never post. I just spent about the last hour fine-tuning my settings for my PC. I have a rock-solid stable 3.9Ghz+2603NB+HT overclock. First I will list the important hardware that I have, then the Pictures/Guide, then my raw notes as I was overclocking, as well as some basic results taken with AIDA64 1.50.1241.


This settings only work for me, you need find the stability for your rig and do it in the safe way. Me, Tom's Hardware or Tom's Hardware's owner aren't responsible if you kill your components doing overclock.

PC Hardware/Software:
OS: Windows 7 x64 SP1 Updated 7/24/2011
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
MOBO: Gigabyte GA-980FXA-UD5 v2 F6 BIOS
RAM: 8GB of DDR3. Running 4 sticks. Bought 2 Packs of Gskill F312800CL9D-4GBNQ.
CPU Heatsink: Noctura NH-D14 w/ Noctura Thermalpaste


As usual, i started out fresh, with just default settings, and i worked my way from there. The only settings I changed are on these pictures in attached.

I could run 3.6Ghz by just upping the multiplier, and ran fine, but I wanted more. I read several articles from different review sites, and even read a lot of results on here about it. But i could never really find an easy, exact guide. So I figured I would do a step by step. So after a little over an hour, these are the max, stable settings i could achieve. I'm pretty sure I am limited by my very, very cheap ram, but still, I am extremely pleased with this GSkill.

So at the end, this is what I ended up with:

MOBO:2.0GHz? NorthBridge+HT Link<=>2.604GHz (Cant remember default :D)

In the following pictures, you can see I set my Clock to x18, my NB Freq. to x12, my CPU Freq. to 217, my HT Link to x12, my Memory Clock to x8. With the memory, I tried lower MHz with better timings, but it turned out the fastest result was with factory 9-9-9-24. The ONLY thing i changed on the ram (besides voltage) was the DCTs Mode to Ganged, and the Command Timing, which was 2T, but I changed it to 1T.

Voltage wise. The only Voltages I had to change was the DRAM volts, FROM 1.51V TO 1.57v, the NB Voltage TO 1.190v, the HT Link Voltage to 1.240v, and the CPU FROM 1.325v TO 1.4V.

The first two pictures is for the CPU/DRAM/Volts, and the third picture is for more advanced DRAM config. The ONLY reason I included the third picture, is because my motherboard wanted to run my ram at 11-11-11-29-2T. So in reality, all I done with the advanced DRAM settings, was set them to factory timings, besides the 1T Command timing.

(The only settings I changed on this screen is the 1T Command Timing. I set all the clocks to factory defaults)

***I forgot to Enable Ganging Mode on my RAM on this picture. So if you have 2 or 4 sticks of RAM, make sure its set to GANGED***

Like I said, here are my raw notes I took as I was overclocking. I will try to explain them as much as I can :) You don't HAVE to read this, but it may be interesting to newer overclockers.

The format I used for taking my notes is this:

xxx =The GHz on the CPU, The MHz on the Northbridge and HT Link, The Command Timing, The RAM timings
xxxxx =The Memory Read benchmark inside of AIDA64 = This benchmark measures the maximum achiveable memory read bandwidth.
xxxxxxx =The Memory Write benchmark inside of AIDA64 = This benchmark measures the maximum achiveable memory write bandwidth.
xxxxxxxxx =The CPU Queen benchmark inside of AIDA64 = This benchmark measures the typical delay when the CPU reads data from system memory. Memory latency time means the penalty measured from the issuing of the read command until the data arrives to the integer registers of the CPU.
xxxxxxxxxxx =The FPU VP8 benchmark inside of AIDA64 = This benchmark measures video compression performance using the Google VP8 (WebM) video codec Version 0.9.5. FPU VP8 test encodes 1280x720 pixel ("HD ready") resolution video frames in 1-pass mode at 8192 kbps bitrate with best quality settings. The content of the frames are generated by the FPU Julia fractal module.

The *** Explanation*** for each of the notes is on the bottom. So read it as the settings and results first, then the explanation below (Explaining the settings and results above).



***Explanation: When I hit 3.8GHz on the CPU, I was pretty much finished OCing the CPU. From here, I decided to start upping the MHz on the Motherboard***

3.8GHz + 2200MHzNB+HT

3.8GHz + 2400NB+HT

3.8GHz + 2600MHzNB+HT

***Explanation: When I hit 2600MHz on the NorthBridge and the HT Link, I was pretty much finished OCing the Motherboard. From here, I decided to start working with my RAM***

3.8GHz + 2600MHzNB+HT 1T

***Explanation: When I hit 1T on the RAM, I was pretty sure that was about it for OCing the RAM. This stuff is dirt cheap, so I didn't figure I would gain any speed. But I was wrong.***

3.8GHz + 2600MHzNB+HT 1T

***Explanation: When I hit 1T, I started in on the Timings. I tried a ton of different combinations, but this was the only combo I could get stable. From here, I was going to start OCing the MHz on the ram.***

3.6GHz + 2543MHzNB+HT 1T 1700

***Explanation: With this test, I was having a hard time keeping the timings that low. As you can see from the results when i lowered the timings, it was a very small gain. So i set the timings back to stock, and started working with the MHz on the RAM. To do this, i had to lower some multipliers to see where i could go with the RAM.***

3.8GHz + 2543MHzNB+HT 1T 1700

***Explanation: With this test, once I knew the RAM was stable at 1700MHz, i started upping the clock to get my CPU back to 3.8GHz***

3.9GHz + 2603MHzNB+HT 1T 1735

***Explanation: This was the finial test. Once I knew i could run 1700 on the ram, and 3.8GHz on the CPU, I really wanted my 2600MHz on the NorthBridge and HT Link. My motherboard wouldn't let me do x.x multiplier, so i was forced to raise the clock to get my NB and HT speed up, which required me to push the CPU and RAM just a little bit higher. After it booted and ran stable, i was finished**

So all in all, after all the overclocking, I managed to go from reading 8,530 Megabytes per second, to reading 10,694MBps. Thats a pretty big improvement with very cheap ram and non-watercooling. Overall, I'm pretty happy!

Thanks for giving this a read :) If it helped, or you liked it, or have any questions, please post here and let me know!!!


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  1. Sorry for the add. I will be watching this thread very close.
  2. No problem! I probably should of stated that :)

    I just wanted to overclock quick, and i could never find an easy guide showing exact clock speeds and multipliers and such :)

    Guess I should add, under an hour long loop of PCMark 7, my Motherboard peaked at 43 degrees Celsius, and my CPU hit 47 degrees Celsius.
  3. fxodaggoth said:
    No problem! I probably should of stated that :)

    I just wanted to overclock quick, and i could never find an easy guide showing exact clock speeds and multipliers and such :)

    Guess I should add, under an hour long loop of PCMark 7, my Motherboard peaked at 43 degrees Celsius, and my CPU hit 47 degrees Celsius.

    Nice overclock man i even have to run my athlon x4 620OC 3.25ghz voltage at 1.3750(up from 1.3 stock) the fact that 1.4 was good for you is amazing.
    Saint19 Love that you handle most of the Amd fourms including the 60page bulldozer rumor forum
  4. Thanks, in some days you will see a little review of a new 990FX mobo.
  5. Good day!
    What settings you get to achieved 3.6Ghz overclock?
    vcore = 1.4?
  6. Been learning a lot lately about OC'ing my 1090t, and at 3.6 I had to put it at 1.39. Under load it goes up to 1.40. I don't know why, but when my ram is at 1333, the CPU is fine at stock voltage @3.6, but when I set my ram to 1600, I had to up the CPU voltage.
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