AV Looking Cases need much input!!!

Ok so I am looking for an AV looking case whether it be a HTPC case or SFF one under 200 USD. So I would like as many people as possible to chime in on what they think is the best looking AV Case under 200 buckaroos.

The floor is yours ladies & Gents. :bounce:
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  1. Use google to search for htpc case reviews and sff case reviews.

    Quite often case selection is a matter of personal preference, especially when it comes to looks.
  2. Thanks johnny.

    I've done a google searched an looked at a ton of htpc cases but most of the cases out there are a little bit older and have no reviews or have been tested with the new graphics cards. The ability to or not to fit certain items is a big concern as well. I think I will end up going with a 4850 GPU but finding a HTPC case that will actually allow the gpu to fit is going to be pretty hard. So to better clarify my question i guess...

    Anyone have experience with a HTPC case less than 200 bucks that will allow for a 4850 GPU 1g. thanks
  3. I use a Zalman HD160XT case that meets your spec, but that's a bit out of your desired price range.

    Take a look at this Lian-Li case:


    Worst case, you could remove the 140mm "front" fan and plug in an 80mm. That would allow the vid card to sneak by the side of the fan.
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