(Firstly sorry about mypost on wrong thread ..i cant delete it so I've reposted here.)

It's my first post on here so be gentle with me if I don't adhere to posting rules (o:

I know my way around PC's but this one has me stumped.

Home built pc around 4 years old.
Working fine and i always leave it on.

However I thought I'd do a quick reboot just to clear out ram etc but when it closed down it didn't boot up as normal with no screen either.
I've checked what the mobo led is telling me when it attempts and its the 8.3 9.6 9.e 9.f error with the pc switching off at 9.f after 5 seconds (all fans are running as normal).
Checked all leads including 12v atx all ok
Ok after a bit of research the power-supply looked like the problem (it was a tagan so that surprised me a bit ) so I went out and got a
Corsair VX450.
+3.3V +5V +12V -12V +5VSB
20A 20A 33A 0.8A 3A

Fitted it, no change exactly the same errors... money already wasted )o:

So I've now tried it totally clean nothing in same just the fans no beeps then shut down with same codes.

Swapped gfx 8800gt with 6600gt still same.

I've cleared cmos many times and changed battery still no change.

Perhaps the bios is somehow wiped it worth getting a new chip ..with my symptoms ?


So to my question I'd like to save money of course so would LIKE to just buy whatever is the most likely damaged component. Sods law is sure whatever i get CPU or MOBO it will be the other one at fault.

So guys what do you reckon is the MOST likely faulty component with what I've said ?

My system below .....if you need any more info please ask .

Cheers in advance.

Motherboard - Abit aa8 duramax 3rd eye
CPU - Pentium 4 540 3.2gh Prescott
RAM - 2x 1gb / 2x 0.5gb (3gb total)
Graphics - nVidia 8800gt
H/D - One SATA
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  1. Check Tuesday night or Wed for any low end 775 boards. They had some biostar 775 boards for $12.95-14.95 plus $7 shipping a few days ago. They might get some more in. They will work with your old memory and cpu. These are open box boards (in the open box section) so they don't come with accessories. You can email biostar and they may send you a free backplate. If you live somewhere else and can't use newegg check ebay. Most ebay listings include the board specs. And computer geeks also sells older boards.
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