Intel core 2 quad 2.5 with DDR2 800/ Intel i7 2.66 with DDR3 1066

Im am looking to purchase one of the following from dell, a system with an Intel core 2 quad (2.5Ghz) processor with 6GB DDR2 (800mhz) OR a system with an Intel i7 (2.66Ghz) with 6GB DDR3 (1066mhz). However, after reading into DDR2 vs DDR3 I have no idea which is better... I dont really understand most of the technical jargon in forums regarding timings and latency. As far as I can gather, getting the i7 system with DDR 3 @ 1066mhz would give a latency timing of 2.5 nano seconds more than the Quad system with DDR2 @ 800mhz.

So, will having i7 w/DDR3 (1066) hinder the performance of the processor?
Would I even notice the latency difference?
Which should I choose?

Both are prebuilt, although different cases and motherboards, with the RAM fixed at those frequencies.

I will be using the PC for home music recording/production, and some gaming.

Irregardless of the price difference I would simply like some help in deciding which desktop to choose.

Any help would be appriciated.
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  1. by core 2 quad i assume u refer to 775 socket, which is end of production now, so I strongly suggest you to go with the i7. difference between 800 and 1066 Mhz is hardly noticeable, but the i7 works with triple channel, versus the dual channel on the old quad, so +1 for the i7.
  2. and about the latencies, it all depends from the RAM itself, there are a lot of 1066 Mhz Rams with different latencies.
  3. i need to get 1066 just to bump up my overclock :( 800 wont go past 3.8 stability.. *misses my old dominator ram*
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