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I recently unplugged and replugged in all the components to my computer when I got a different desk. I have a Seagate External Drive. I tried to remember what USB cable plugged into which port but I may have put them into a different port when I plugged the devices back in.

Since doing that I have been getting a Delayed write message which I think may be related to my external drive. Sometimes it appears to be there and other times it doesn't appear to be accessable.

I am not terribly computer literate. Can someone explain in layman's terms what I can do that might fix this?
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  1. The delayed write error is very likely your external hard drive. This happens with the drive is removed or unplugged while data is being written to it (or system calls...). Anyway, if you reboot and it continues to occur, your hard drive may be failing (and the part failing is the external enclosure). Take this time to copy all your data off to another hard drive and if the delayed write error continues to pop up, replace the drive.
  2. I have since unplugged the external hard drive and the message has completely stopped. I'm sure that it's because I unplugged the external hard drive to move the computer. Is there a special way (order of plugging things in) I need to do to install the external hard drive again so that it doesn't do this? I noticed that sometimes my computer would recognize the external hard drive as being there and sometimes it wouldn't. Thanks
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