Need new GPU for MW2 & SC2.


I'm wanting to upgrade my graphics card for the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 2 and Starcraft 2 later in the year - and was looking for some advice on what cards will max both out with some decent FPS. I'm only looking to use one graphics card, and obviously it'll have to be manageable by my current system.

System at the moment:

CPU: AMD 5200+ 2.6ghz
GPU: nVidia 7950 GT
OS: XP Pro

The motherboard is WinFast, but I'm not sure on the model #, EVEREST is throwing this out if it means much to anyone:

Field Value
Motherboard ID 01/17/2007-C51MCP51-6A61HFKDC-00

Thanks alot :hello:
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  1. well.... it might be pushing your CPU a bit... ya know, to max it out and what not. we can't really say what will max out the games and for what price because its a new game and we'll have new hardware then. At the moment, i'd assume that performance will be similar to COD5, so a GTX 275 would do it... something like that would be fine. what resolution is your monitor?
  2. Wow, that was fast. I've only been signed up 5 minutes. Thanks for the quick reply :D

    It doesn't necessarily have to be fully maxed. Everything on near-enough maxed, or even just on high would be fine. Just a bit fed up of playing MW on medium settings in 1024x768 with a terrible bad frame rate. I think the monitor can go up to 1440 x 900, and wouldn't mind being able to run games at that too.. stuck in the lower resolutions on newer games at the moment though.
  3. okay well. 1440x900 isnt that high of a resolution so you're in luck. Are you going to buy the card now? or wait till the new line (ATI) comes out? If you're going to get a card now i'd suggest the 4850 or the 4870.

    what brand is your psu btw?
  4. To be honest I'm not entirely sure, so I can only guess that it's not a very good one. It was fitted by the same people who put the motherboard in when they both fried a few months ago :heink:

    I'm looking to get it at some point towards the end of September - I was looking at the 4850s as they've dropped quite a bit in price. Would I see much difference between that and a 4870 at 1440x900 resolution?

    Thanks again :sol:
  5. well it mostly depends where you're getting the value. Lets say ur playing Counter Strike and the 4850 gets 150 fps and the 4870 gets 170, at that point, it wouldn't be worth it because it doesn't matter. However, with the small price gap, I'd say the 4870 is worth the difference in performance.
  6. Yeah but if his CPU is the bottleneck (which could very likely be the case especially at 1440x900) getting the 4870 over the 4850 will make no difference. On COD 4 my 3.9ghz core 2 duo is the bottleneck. In COD 5 my 4870 is the bottleneck.

    I would buy the 4850 and save the rest for a new CPU.
  7. Okay, thanks for the replies guys. I'll see what the prices are like in a months time, but it'll definitely be one of those.

    Not sure if I'll have to open a new thread for this in the appropriate sub-forum, but which CPU would you recommend? ;P

    I might just end up buying a whole new computer at this point if the CPU is going to be a problem in getting high-end graphics in MW2 and SC2 x_x
  8. I'd recommend that you build a new system based around a Core i7 920 if you are going to rebuild.
  9. Yeah although Core i7 is still rather pricey. It might be a good idea to wait around till core i5 come out as that will lower the prices of the previous gen and then you can choose from core i5, i7 and core 2 and Phenom2. Also don't buy your graphics card until the dx11 cards come out as it would lower the prices of the 4xxx series. Or you could get a dx11 card.
  10. and maybe do a bit of research on your PSU because the last thing you want to happen is that you have to spend more dollars because your PSU can't support your new hardware:/
    By the way I can't wait for MW2 and SC2!! They are going to be awesome! I have pre ordered them both already [:lectrocrew:6]
  11. Thanks for the help guys. I'll have a look in to the PSU - I can only assume it's bad though because WinFast isn't a particularly brilliant motherboard from what I've heard.. and well they fitted them both. Unfortunately the rebuild would be on a students' budget, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford one based around a Core i7 ;P

    Am I right in thinking that, if I do not rebuild, a 4850 should solve all of my problems? In that sense I mean getting me up to high graphics, 1440 res etc... and yeah I can't wait either grav ;D why I'd happly spend a good £500 on a new PC just to play 'em.
  12. ehh... yeah i'd say it would get you close if not all the way at max settings.

    If the Core i7 is too much theres always the Phenom II's and the upcoming i5's which are pretty good alternatives
  13. Okay - thanks again for the help.

    What do you think of this? anything where I could get better value for money, or where it should just be improved etc?

    Memory: 4GB CORSAIR XMS2 800MHz - (2x2GB)
    Motherboard: ASUS® M4N78: DUAL DDR2, S-ATA II, PCIe x16, 2 x PCIe x1, 3 x PCI
    HD: 500GB SERIAL ATA 3-Gb/s HARD DRIVE WITH 8MB CACHE (7,200rpm)
    Graphics Card: 512MB ATI RADEON™ HD 4850 PCI-E
    1st CD/DVD Drive: 6x BLU-RAY ROM & HD-DVD ROM DRIVE, 16x DVD ±R/±RW
    Power Supply: 700W Quiet Quad Rail PSU + 120mm Case Fan
  14. the processor is supposed to be;


    not sure why it's copied that one D:
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