OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTXE120G Lagging?

After installing my OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTXE120G SSD, I've noticed odd lag issues. Sometimes, when I click on a program (Firefox, skype, ventrilo, etc...) it gives me about a 5 - 10 second lag. Nothing happens.. I can't click on anything... nothing... Then.. I hear a click sound from my computer and the program finally loads. This doesn't happen all the time, but it happens enough to where its become a problem.

The reason I think it's my SSD, although I thought they couldn't click, was because I read the following review;

"I've noticed that if I'm using a particular piece of software for an extended period of time and then I switch to another piece of software, there is usually a several second lag time before the other program will become available for use.

i.e. If I use Microsoft Word for an hour, then I click Firefox on the Windows task-bar, it will lag for 5-10 seconds before I can actually use Firefox.

I'm not entirely sure that this is due to the SSD, however I never had this problem on the same machine until I moved my OS to the SSD."

That sounds exactly like what's happening to me. And it only started happening after I installed the SSD. I also have noticed a high failure rate on the OCZ SSD's. Anyway, any help is appreciated. I haven't been able to remove my SSD yet, since it's my boot device on this computer, and I've been using my computer a lot lately. Just wanted to see if anyone else has seen this, or heard of a similar problem. Or if it could be something else on my PC (motherboard, overheating cpu, etc).

Thanks in advance.

Also, current computer setup;

Antec 900 case
Intel core2duo E8500
4gb DDR2 800mhz memory
ATI Radeon 5850
OCZ Vertex 2 OCZSSD2-2VTXE120G
Samsung 2TB 5400 RPM SATA
Windows 7 64bit Home Premium

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  1. Is your BIOS set to AHCI and your intel rst driver updated?
  2. I'm not going to try and steer you away from this forum but the problems you describe are dealt with several times per week over at OCZ's forum.

    The typical response given by myself and others who help out around there is to not chase ghosts and start fresh. Here's the protocol.

    strip the system down of all other hardware(power cables are enough).
    secure erase the SSD(only way to reset the controller to fresh state and wipe mapping/registers)
    reinstall using ONLY W7 default drivers(no gfx drivers, sound, etc)
    retest and start the reattachment,driver,app install process until the issue is found.

    a major PITA?.. Yes of course but often people spend more time chasing these problems then if they just started over and eliminated most variables at once. Couldn't find much right off but this is a common thread over there that explains the normal end result of multiple questions/searching.

    Also be aware that MANY factors can cause this result with older hardware and I've even seen a few lately post of "green HDD" causing issue when installed as secondary on some systems. Simply swapping hard drives solved the problems. Not saying that's the issue here, just that it's sometimes the oddest thing that causes hassle. Good Luck with it and if I find anymore relevant posts over there I'll link them for you.
  3. since this silly site doesn't let you edit messages quite often, I'll add the PS here.

    you should consider updating the drives firmware to the latest 1.32 as well.
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