Why no reviews on this Gigabyte MB?

Seems decent. I want to throw an E5200 init and overclock the heck out of it.

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  1. That's because people aren't too interested in G41 boards. If you want a cheap G41 board with alot of BIOS options I say go with this.

    ASRock G41M-S $54.99

  2. ^ BTW, I have this board on my backup system and it's pretty good. I currently don't overclock the E2200 since the point of the system was suppose to be cool, quiet, reliable, work computer. Well that and it still has the puny stock heat sink on it :D.
  3. I just did a G41 (but not the 'T' - he didn't have any interest in DDR3) for a 'buddy of a buddy'; easy build, worked perfectly, boots three OSs (7HomePremiumX64, Xpx86, and UbuntuX64), faster 'n I expected, and took an E6300 to 3.5GHz with no effort involved, other than a cheap $20 Dynatron cooler... The other thing that suprised me was that the G's (I did both a G31 & 41 the same week...) are apparently 'immune' to the usual Gigabyte USB 'fussiness' - both would reboot fine with USB devices I know would kill an X48 or P45 based GB...
  4. Happens to me a lot; Asus and Gigabyte make so many boards (there's at least dozens for every CHIPSET) and normally the differences are pretty small, other than being micro-ATX and ATX.
  5. Most people stay away from the versions of the chipsets/motherboards that use DDR3 for LGA775 due to cost and stability.
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