$4000 system for HD Editing, please review

System is purely for HD editing nothing else. Need to to decide parts within two days so that I can built system during 7/18-7/19 weekend.

After going all kind of research(thanks to Tomshardware.com), I have decided on the following components.

Please review the items, comments the compatibility issues etc.
Also pl suggest alternatives for the components I have not bought.

Dell 3008WFP - from Dell Outlet for ($1199x2) - Oops already $2398 gone.

1.CPU - i7-920 bought from Microcenter for $207
2.PSU - 1000HX bought from Dell.com for $203 ($20 MIR)
3.GPU - GTX 285 Ordered from Dell.com for $274
4.MOBO - ASUS Rampage 2 Extreme Ordered from Dell.com for $280

5.Case - CM Cosmos S about to order from Buy.com for $204

6.RAM - Please provide inputs here whether to go for OCZ XMP or some other like G.Skill, are there any compatibility problems with ASUS R2E.>?
7.HDD - Considereing WD 640 Black in RAID 0 from Newegg. $148($79x2) - I think this is extremely reliable disk out of all black caviars, correct me.
8.OS - Vista + Win7(Upgrade) $113
9.Cpu Cooler Xigmatek Dark Knight- Looks like this is house favorite- from Newegg.com for $46
10. Thermal Paste - http://cgi.ebay.com/ARCTIC-SILVER-5-HIGH-DENSITY-CPU-THERMAL-COMPOUND-_W0QQitemZ170275060196QQcmdZViewItem
for $6.70, unless someone strongly suggest to go for Tuniq Tx-2 or other
11.Optical Drive - LG GH22NS30 22x DVD+/-R DL from Buy.com $37

TOTAL - $4004

Am I missing something..?
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  1. how did u get rampage 2 for 280?
  2. I would built it somewhat differently, but looks ok

    i suggest you go raid 5, either on the intel ich10r or on a dedicated card like the dell perc/5 flashed to lsi (read he forums for how-to + intel mobo tape mod @ http://www.overclock.net/hard-drives-storage/359025-perc-5-i-raid-card-tips.html)

    i would use 1tb seagate 7200.12 series
  3. for ram, whatever 6gb kit you can get a deal on is good. not worth overspending onto it

    make sure your running x64 vista/7 and that your editing software works there
  4. Everything looks good. I will show you some alternate parts that you should look at.

    Starting with #5, you might wish to look at the Antec 1200, main reason is its cooling ability. $172.99 Free Shipping

    You will also need this for either case. 1ST PC CORP. 12" 8-pin EPS extension cable $7.99

    Now on the Ram, going with your choices. OCZ XMP or G.Skill (this model F3-12800CL8TU-6GBPI) are good picks. I am running a P6T Deluxe OC Palm edition, but with Corsair Dominators 1600 ( $50- 60 more in cost) and 12gb of them.

    OCZ XMP Ready Series 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 $100.99
    ($90.99 after $10.00 Mail-In Rebate) Free Shipping

    G.SKILL 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 $99.99

    Good choice on HDD's.

    On OS, make sure you get this one. Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 64-bit for System Builders w/ Tech Guarantee $109.99

    Another CPU HSF Cooler to look at is this one. Which was rated in the top5 of latest CPU HSF Cooler review, the Scythe MUGEN-2 SCMG-2000 120mm Sleeve CPU Cooler $36.99 Free Shipping

    Also the top rated Thermal Compound is the Tuniq TX-3 $10.99 ($5.99 after $5.00 Mail-In Rebate)

    Also get a few 4gb or 8gb USB Flash drives, which you will need to use to Flash Bios' and other programs needed. Like Real Temp, TweakUAC (which lets you put Vista UAC in quiet more or shut it off), Graphic drivers and any other you want.

    Hope that helps you out some...
  5. I'm slightly perplexed at why you didn't go dual xeon's, 12GB of ram and a 4350 graphics card.

    or even dual Opteron Hexa-cores with 8GB of ram and a 4350.
  6. 2.PSU - 1000HX bought from Dell.com for $203 ($20 MIR)
    3.GPU - GTX 285 Ordered from Dell.com for $274
    4.MOBO - ASUS Rampage 2 Extreme Ordered from Dell.com for $280
    Could you show links to these on dell because I didn't find them.
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses. let me answer few things quickly.
    "for baddad and b10n"
    How I got from Dell..?
    goto Dell.com - Small Business used these two coupons(courtesy Slickdeals)
    20%- TR3K2WXQ65?53B expires 7/9/09
    10%- 22X6DLMFK6K92G - expired 7/8/09
    of course I have a friend in Delaware ($140 tax savings)
    "For helloworld_98"
    for editing applications that I am using no one recommended in those respective forums. Also read somewhere in the hardware forum that i7 is better way than dual xeon. Sorry I am not great at hardware, but have enthusiasm. Also I have asked this question earlier on the same forum, bumped couple of times, no one has suggested Dual xeon.

    "For badad"
    I don't understand why you have send me those links for other mobo and PSU. a little explanatino pls.

    "For Yoosty"
    Thanks for the tips, esp the 8-pin cable.

    I liked Antec 1200 while watching it on internet, but I had a chance to look at Antec 1200, ATCS 840, thermaltake Spedo Adv Pack and Cosmos S at nearest Microcenter.
    But I liked this Cosmos S absolutely, it is not for the money.

    A funny thing happened yesterday, while browing on Google products I found a price of $37+$21 on Cosmos S case from etailelectronics.com, I know it is a pricing error and it is not electronic item, took the risk and ordered straight away.
    I called this morning to enquire about order status, they had a problem with the feed from vendors and are in the process of cancelling orders.
    Without much arguments, the lady apologized and told me " you know that this is not a $37 item", to which I replied "it is not my mistake, tell me what best can be done". She offered me the case $174, their purchase cost +$21shipping. Surprisingly before I disconnect the phone I got email with reference to our conversation with an autorization to charge additional amount.
    $195 - for this case, hope there will not be any further issues(fingers crossed).
    Coming to RAM, I forgot to mention, I would eventually gor for 12GB of RAM within 3 months from now. Are there any issues with OCZ XMP 6GB today and buying another 6GB set after a while..? Same question with other RAM..? Is it absolutely mandatory to buy the 12GB in one set only..?

    Will look closely into Scythe MUGEN-2
    But Tuniq-TX3 costs me $12, unless people insist on this to get.

    "For messerchimdt"
    I don't know much about Dell perc 5 card, but considering Highpoint RockeRai for several additional Drives in another tower in RAID 1+0 with WD RE3 disks
  8. 7.HDD - Considereing WD 640 Black in RAID 0 from Newegg. $148($79x2) - I think this is extremely reliable disk out of all black caviars, correct me.
    >Well...your arithmetic isn't so reliable.
  9. Well I am sorry, I didn't know that I should be extremely accurate with my grammar, spelling and mathematics.

    I did a mistake, while typing I was checking pricess from different sites and on the other browser I saw Price from Zipzoomfly.com for the same product for $73.89 and my excel spread sheet has rounded it to $148, while it should be exactly $147.78 (of course I did switch to Scientific calculator mode for accuracy). So I copied text from one cell of excel sheet and price directly calculated from windows calculator

    Sorry for inconvenience.
  10. Quote:
    But Tuniq-TX3 costs me $12, unless people insist on this to get.

    It will cost you $5.99 after a $5 mail in rebate.

    Below is some specs from the latest 80-way Thermal Interface review.

    Tuniq TX-3 (0)
    Arctic Silver 5 Polysynthetic Thermal Compound (4)

    (0) No Curing Time or Special Application Suggested
    (4)Arctic Silver 5 Application Instructions (up to 200-hours recommended curing time)

    What this is saying is that it takes up to 200 hrs for Arctic Silver 5 to set in for max performance, compared to a few minutes at most for the Tuniq TX-3.

    Coming to RAM, I forgot to mention, I would eventually gor for 12GB of RAM within 3 months from now. Are there any issues with OCZ XMP 6GB today and buying another 6GB set after a while..? Same question with other RAM..? Is it absolutely mandatory to buy the 12GB in one set only..?

    No on buying 6gb kit of ram today and the other 6gb kit later. As you the 2nd part of your question on the 12GB in only one set. I saw one Brand (Kingston) that was coming out with it for Triple channel, but the cost was excessively high for 12gb(3x4gb) kit for $1400 usd. :pfff:
  11. Thanks for the quick reply.
    Shipping is not free on Tuniq TX-3, so comes to $12 after rebate.

    Looks like there is a problem using Xigmatek Dark knight OR Scythe Mugen - 2 in Cosmos S case. I have to find something that fits in this case. Any suggestions..?
  12. Here is one that might fit, the height is 6.15" The Titan Fenrir Universal CPU Cooler (TTC-NK85TZ) $52.99

    This one should fit, it is 5.56" in height. The Cooler Master Hyper N520 $49.99

    Also this one, with a height of 4.53". The Scythe SCMNJ-1100 Ninja REV B $39.95

    or here for $45.99

    If none of these work, you might have to either mod you case, side fan (by removing it) or look at going Water/Liquid Cooling of the CPU HSF.

    Hope this helps you out some.
  13. the titan fenrir is a hell excellent cooler but it is too noisy i would get it and change the fan
  14. Visakkus,

    I'm building nearly the same rig, tomorrow as a matter of fact. You're choices are spot on, except for one that may be an issue: the WD HDs, are they the RE3 series? The regular Black series aren't spec'd for RAID, they have timeout circuitry that could cause the RAID to drop. The RE3 series are designed for RAID, but are more expensive of course. Just check out the info on the web, hopefully I'm wrong.

    In my rig I'm using the 300GB WD Raptor for Windows 7 and the Adobe Production Premium CS4 installation. As soon as I can swing them I'll be getting two 1TB RE3's for a RAID0 solution for my assets. I'm fine with no redundancy in RAID0, I backup all assets onto an external LaCie d2 Quadra after each editing session. I suppose I could eventually get two more RE3 drives and run RAID 10 for speed and redundancy. The EVGA X58 mobo supports that (most X58 boards probably do).

    BTW, got the i7 for $199 + tax too, and used those same Dell codes to get a second GTX 260 Core 216 for $113. My two 260's will probably be the same as your one 285, so even match there. I also have the 1200 case, wind tunnel in a box. All in all, we'll have nearly identical rigs, quite appropriate for our NLE's.

    Anyway, good choices! BTW, you ARE going to OC that i7, correct? There are so many OC guides out there for the i7 it's looney. I'm going to push mine just up to 3.6, maybe 3.8 tops. I'm more about stable than redline. :D
  15. I meant dual nehalem xeon's, but I guess you didn't know about them.

    nehalem is what i7 is based on.
  16. Hi Helloworld_98.

    Thank you, I did not about Dual Nehalem, But after your post I did some research, looks like we can't overclock dual xeom boards and there is a discussion about performance of single i7 3.4GHz vs Dual 2.66Ghz.
    Probably too much for a first time system builder.

    Can anyone throw their opinion about this RAM

    Anyway I need 12GB RAM, any OCZ or other 1600 RAM 6GB is costing $100, even if I buy 6GB today, another 6GB might cost $60 later, why not buy 12GB at $140 today itself with 7-7-7-20 timing..?

    comments please
  17. Any thing wrong in using this 2xWD RE3 500GB drives in RAID0 for OS and other applications..?

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