Watercooling a 2600k & 560ti

Currently I have a Rasa 450 rs120 for cooling my 2600k, I want to add a water block to gpu, Will adding a 240mm rad be enough in combination with my 120mm for cooling both? Is the pump sufficient enough ?

Recommended Rad to add, preferably 240 because I have haf 912
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  1. It would barely be enough. Consider adding an RX240 instead, if possible. Again, I wouldn't overclock that CPU/GPU on that loop.
  2. Well I have the rs120 mounted at the back of case, I was thinking keep it there and order rx240 in the loop, Then would overclocking would be safe? As you probably can tell I'm a newbie
  3. You should be fine that way...what fans will you be running?
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