Asus striker extreme bios screen freeze

I have been booting twice, once it turns on and no bios screen then I reset and it works. Lately I have been doing it 5+ times. Now it won't load. I have a Q6600, geforce 8800 GTS, 4g corsair doms, and a working HD. Any idea? I press delete to enter bios and nothing happens. Its a USB keyboard. Working on it right now
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  1. so i got the machine to boot with 1gb of ram and i remeber having a problem loading over 1gb of ram on the striker... not sure where to find the fix again though
  2. I enabled a SLI rdy memoy setting on my bios and it appears to work now...
  3. are you able to run SLI enabled in BIOS??
  4. could not get this to work, i beleive the post was for the video cardbut no idea. replaced mobo, everything works
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