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hello everybody, i am building a computer for a rich friend, and i was wondering what do you all think THE BEST i7 board is. There is no money cap, and basically anything goes, it just has to have ATLEAST 2 x16 pci 2.0 slots, be able to support 12 gigs of 1600 MHz memory, be able to oc like crazy, and some great features. also, as an extra question, what do you think is the best sata ssd, i am looking at a raid of two of these:

if you can find any faster/cheap, with atleast 64 gigs (intel one seemed a bit slow in write) then reccomend it. very lastly, should he wait for the 300 series to come out, or get 2 5970s (tried to tell him thats more than he needs, but o well) thanks all who post! :D
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    I have my list of best boards there. THE BEST would probably be the EVGA Classified.

    As for the SSD, the Intel X25-M G2 is had to beat. Since you have no money cap get the X25-E SSD.

    Also, while you're at it, why not grab some custom watercooling gear (Swiftech XT + 480 rad + MCP655 ) and a mountainmod case (see: ) Or get a custom case built by a pro
  2. no actually, as much as i try to convince him, he is going with the 975, even though i reccomend the 920. and why wouldnt you want the best mobo if you want it to last a while, oc like crazy, and you have no money limit.
  3. well, there really arent any i7 mobos in a 60-100$ price range, so thats not very helpful. i dont want the evga 4 way mobo, but i want it to be a very high quality, highly oc'able mobo.
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