Intel Core I5/Arctic cooling cooler question

Hey all, i've recently ordered the following components for my first computer build:
Intel Core I5 processor
Asus P7p55d pro motherboard
G.Skill 4gb (2x2gb) ddr3 1333mhz ram
750w Corsair ATX power supply
Coolermaster 922 HAF mid tower case
Benq DVD-rw drive
250gb Seagate SATA hdd (already have a 1tb barracuda)
HIS radeon hd 5850
and the item that brings the question:
Arctic cooler freezer pro rev.2

I want to know, as this is my first build, if the "thermal pads" included on the Freezer are sufficient? (if they even include them?) I don't plan to overclock and as I said, this is my first build.

Thanks all,
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  1. just read the packaging and it says it comes with mx-2 pre applied, not sure if this is helps answer the question
  2. MX2 is Arctic coolings own TIM and is actually very good - not only is it better than most of the stuff that comes on other HSF's its also non conductive of electricity.
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