New Build... Need Opinions

I will probably purchase everything in a couple weeks (probably a month) and would like some final input on the build i've come up with. I'm not going to link everything right now but basically this is how it is going to go:

CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 940
GPU: Sapphire Radeon 4870

Monitor: LG 23" HD LCD Monitor

HDD: WD 640gb 32 mb Cache etc...
RAM: OCZ Platinum DDR2 1066

I realize this mobo is no sli // crossfire. I'm trying to stay in budget of ~ 900 for everything

Cooler: Dark Knight
Thermal Compound: Tuniq TX-2

DVD//CD: Not really sure what to look for?
Keyboard: Still looking

Right now this is at around 900~ with instants and some mail ins. What do you guys think? The main purpose of this thing is to serve as my computer /// bedroom tv with some gaming and graphic editing.
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  1. You can't use the PhenomII 940 with an AM3 - DDR3 motherboard. The 940 and the 920 only have DDR2 memory controllers.
  2. The motherboard he listed is an AM2+ motherboard so it will work fine. All in all the build looks pretty good. Newegg has been having a hell of a time keeping the SATA DVD drives in stock so you way want to pick one up at a local store.
  3. Damn, sorry about that. I better start paying more attention.
  4. GA-MA770T-UD3P = AM3

    GA-MA770-UD3 = AM2+

    So it IS an AM2+ mobo and uses DDR2 ONLY. However it will also support an AM3 CPU in that AM2+ SOCKET. However (again) the CPU SUPPORT list on the Giga site says max AM3 cpu is a 925 @ 95w TDP. I find that a little strange since the same list allows a 940 @ 125w TDP.

    This board is cheaper than the X or GX or FX (chipset) models; it has lower specs re mosfets - so less powerful components are advised generally. And oclox are basically risky-er.

    It s probably ok for the described usage - but I tend to think that a HD-4830 might be a better match - I am not sure if there is any consequence to running a relatively power hungry 4870. Also I don't think a 4870 is necessary for "TV" and presumably light gaming/editing - so maybe could save money there.
    Similarly, cheapen the vidcard and move up to the X chipset. = GA-MA790X-UD4 = also AM2+ & DDR2. It's a stronger board for that cpu - and if you need more video later, you could xfire the 4830.

    Nice monitor.

    Why the dark knight? cooler comes with cpu stock afaik. I don't know the dark knight cooler - but if you plan on oclox, you picked the wrong mobo. Phenom II runs very cool esp. at stock clock.
  5. another thought
    you could move up to AM3 and use a Phenom II 550 dual core

    I can't see the use of a quadcore for watching tv - unless you are doing 3 other things in the background - most people really don't need a quad, altho their epeen seems to :) The P2 dual still has the 6 meg L3 cache, and lower power draw. Also the future is all AM3/DDR3.

    If I were you I would rethink and research. But you are on the right track - dig into the AMD scene a little more and you really get a lot of bango for the bucko.
  6. The mobo and cpu should be compatible.. newegg is even doing a combo deal right now so hopefully they have their stuff right.

    I am a computer science major and will be using cpu intensive programs now and in the future so I decided the quad core would be my best bet. Also, I wanted it to last me awhile and I can OC in the future.

    By light gaming I really mean i don't play too much but when i do I will play some pretty graphic intensive games. I haven't been able to get into any recently because i've been so restricted with my laptop.

    This is my computer first, the tv option was last minute because I saw the monitor and it works will with my dorm // bedroom.

    As far as the coolor... I think i might leave it out for now because I don't think i will be overcocking anytime soon. That will save me some money to put towards the OS.

    Also, I don't know if you guys have any opinions on the tower but I found an Antec Sonata II laying around my work and no one wanted it. I think I can use it but I want to see what others think about it first.

    Without monitor the tower comes to 650 Before MIR
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