How does this build look?

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: I probably won't build until Oct-Nov bc I'm moving and will be getting money after I move
BUDGET RANGE:Would like to keep it as close to $1000 as possible but can go over if needed
SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: gaming, surfing the internet, music and media

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: this is a complete new build
PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Everything on my list is from was hoping to speak to someone there and see if they would give me any extra discounts for buying so much at once(anyone ever had that happen)
PARTS PREFERENCES: not really stuck on a brand except i would like to keep it AMD and ATI
OVERCLOCKING: don't know how to so probably not Maybe SLI OR CROSSFIRE: I will probably buy 2 of the graphics cards depending on how much money i get back(do not include that in price I can spare that if needed)

MONITOR RESOLUTION: doesn't matter good resolution though

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: none really except here is my wishlist from
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  1. 1. Might want to change PSU.
    2. Might want to change GPU
  2. PSU is a definite no.
    Same price before MIR and significantly cheaper after while being stronger.
    Better ram, it is able to run at higher speed, but will give you better timings at lower speeds than the muskins will.

    You can also save 110 now by using windows 7 RC for a few months until windows 7 comes out and then not have to pay for vista and the upgrade.
  3. changed psu and ram to hunter's suggestions... armi could you suggest a better gpu maybe?
  4. Consider substituting a 4770 GPU card for the 4850. They are in short supply now but should be easier to get when you're ready. Actually, I would bet that your build components will change quite a bit by then.
  5. Depending on what new stuff comes out and what not it probably will but I'm just doing my research ahead of time so when the time comes I won't be doing it then. I will just be ready to order, assemble and play.
  6. An HD 4870 or 4890 would be stronger but would likely push you over your budget, but either of them would be more suited for a monitor of your resolution. Sticking with ATI cards leaves you with the option of crossfire in the future. A GTX275 is about the same as a 4890.
  7. Actually if I use the RC version of Windows 7 like you said and get the sapphire toxic 4890 then it hit right under my $1000 budget.
    Thanks alot
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