Seagate Barracuda HDD from Iomega to new Enclosure


I have an Iomega MDHD 320GB desktop disk drive which over the past year has become unstable. It started to not be recognized by the computer---but usually with restarting the HDD a couple times, it would engage. Very finicky, no doubt.

I did in fact just get it to work last weekend. I've already realized that it's time to transfer files off this hdd and onto a better one.

But this weekend, the usual routine did not work to get it started. It spins up, no usb connection is seen, and then it spins down. The blue light is on--which, of course, I know means nothing.

I've gone the route of putting the Seagate HDD inside (essentially an ordinary internal disk drive) into a new enclosure. All was going find in the disassembly from the original enclosure, until I see that the power cable will not come out. Could it be hard wired so that we cannot so easily change enclosures?

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  1. If there is a connector, then it must be designed to be disconnected. Could you upload a photo?

    It's a mystery to me why I cannot pull it out. I've dealt with these cables before.
    I'm afraid to force it.

  3. That's a standard 4-pin Molex power connector.

    Use the Force, lachummers. :-)
  4. haha, thanks fzabkar. you make me laugh!

    I feel like it might rip off another component with it if I use too much force.
    Are there not any tricks to coax it off?

    Also, while I have your attention, can you tell me that what you think about the following:
    The hdd cycles up, does not get recognized, and then gets totally quiet--doesn't spin any more.

    Is this the kiss of death?

    Honestly, I've just been hopeful that it's the usb connection in the original enclosure---which is really sketchy and loose--as I confirmed when I opened--that it had come loose over time from it's housing and attachment to the logic board. It dances around and has no secure position.

    I will try some more force, right now.
  5. Hi Fzabkar.
    I am so happy! With patience and good guidance, I got this disk drive back on track.
    That iomega enclosure was a real piece!

    And with your help, I had the courage to pull hard:)

    Us girls have less experience, dare I generalize, on these things:)
  6. One other thing, I was so thinking that my disk drive was beyond repair that I almost did the last-ditch "stick in the freezer" trick. Thank god I didn't.

    Hey, I might not keep the Gigaware, and might go for something cheaper. Any recommendations on a good, reliable, nice valued 3.5 ide enclosure?

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    I can't suggest any brands, but I'd look for an aluminium enclosure with a fan. Those external boxes can get very hot, often in excess of 50C. You might also look for one that can support both IDE and SATA, if you have the future in mind.
  8. Best answer selected by lachummers.
  9. Will do--aluminum it is. When it comes to data backup, I cannot afford to be cheap:)
    Thanks Fzabkar.
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