4870X2 crashed... what can i do?

Hi. my 4870x2 for some reason crashed. It made some weird red dots and crashed my pc every time. So i put a 2600Xt and now my pc works fine. But i cant play games with 1920x1080 resolution in DX10 on this card. What card can i buy in a lower budget and still get good performance in games? I also have a TAGAN800W power supply and a P5E with the E8400 on default clocks. Running windows vista 32-bit ultimate on 4Gigs of DDR2 on 800Mhz. And if you know.. what could have happened to my video card? its the HIS, never overclocked it neevr messed with it and while i was listening to music it crashed.
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  1. If you swap cards and it works fine then it most likely the cards fault. Did you try to reinstall drivers? What was the 4870x2 temps? Its possible your psu is failing when 4870x2 is drawing power. Have any spare psu you can try out? You could just rma the card to the manufacture if your covered which i think you might be since the card isn't to old and most manufacture have 2-3 year warranty. If all else fails what is your budget for a new card? But try all the things i have stated i would hate to see a 4870x2 and your money go to waste.
  2. It usually ran in 80 degrees celcious in full load and 65 in idle. I didn't try taking off the cooler for dust because i only had it for 5 months. I tried formatting my pc and going from XP to Vista and yes i also changed the drivers but the problem insisted. 300 euros max. I dont think its the PSU because it worked fine for 4,5 months
  3. Call the manufacture and rma the card should be under warranty.
  4. Thats where the problem is. I got it from overclockers.uk and i lost my papers. Not only that but i live in cyprus so there is going to be extra fee to send it there and get it back. Its not really about the money its just the whole procedure.
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