Have Parts for i7 Build, Just Have a Question

Forgive me if this topic has been covered 437 times before, I just want to be sure I do this RIGHT.

My question is, given a list of basic parts, can anyone point me to a site where someone has detailed out the beginning steps of starting your build? I'm looking for someone who has specifically built a rig with an Antec 1200 case, EVGA X58 MOBO, i7 920, and Zalman 9700 cooler (I'm using a Corsair 850TX btw...). I have no problems with ram, video cards, hard drives in RAID, etc. I'm mainly looking for that wonderful experience that says "Hey, given those parts, here's what you need to know before starting out, especially since you're using an [Antec case] or [EVGA board] or [i7 920]", etc. It's the unknowns that I'm after... i.e. tips on cable management, what NOT to do when hooking up your PSU (whatever that is), how to know what part of the Zalman cooler adapter needs filing (and it does), stuff like that. I can hear it now: "Oh, before you installed the mobo, you should have done THIS...".

I'm trying to find out what that unknown "THIS" is... make sense?

Again, Antec 1200, EVGA X58 (not Classified or Micro, just normal), i7 920 D0, Zalman 9700 with adapter for 1366 socket, and Corsair 850TX PSU.

Thanks in advance!


Overly Paranoid Noob in Ohio

PS: I'll deal with OCing after assembly, for now it's the physical hardware I want to square away...
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    As an Ohioian myself (near Wilmington, OH).... I have no problem adding a little ensight on the EVGA X58, Antec 1200 and Corsair 850TX PSU

    The EVGA X58 board installs with no problem in the 1200. One thing to note is on the Rear I/O Panel Shield that goes on the case and installing it on the board. The shield has a little foam on the inside so after you attach it to the case, you'll have to kind of push the motherboard against it to get the screw holes to line up. It is no big deal to do and it makes a real nice seal around the Rear I/O Panel Shield.

    Read this post about installing the Zalman 9700 on the EVGA X58 board... Topic: EVGA X58 3X SLI Board for i7. It looks like you have to do a little modification to the heatsink bracket to get it to fit on the board. It doesn't sound hard or time consuming but you will have to modify the bracket. Of course, you'll need to install the heatsink out side of the case.

    On the Corsair 850TX PSU on the Antec 1200... It installs easy, just as the EVGA X58 board does. I ran all my wires through the bottom hole below the motherboard and routed them back through the openings as needed. I tried to keep all of the unused wires through the other side of the motherboard tray or neatly wrapped at the bottom of the case. You WILL need an extension plug for your 8-pin power connector. Your 20+4 pin connector fits but it is very tight, which helps with cable management though... :D I installed the extra fan on the back of the middle HDD rack for my GPU's. I didn't run into spacing issues or anything by doing that on my 2x GTX260 Core 216. Install your hard drives in the bottom HDD rack... easiest way.

    Here are a few picks of my setup...


    If you try hard or want to take more time... I'm sure the cable management can be improved upon what I have... but it does me fine...

    I hope this will help you!!
  2. For pete's sake tecmo, this is EXACTLY what I was hoping for! "Thanks" is an understatement, you answered it all. I so appreciate the time spent and the PHOTOS! (This is wild, I'm looking at my rig, because I also have two 260 Core 216's and a 300gb Raptor). I'm sure glad I posted this question... you definitely get a Best Answer vote from me! If I could I'd email you a double pepperoni from La Rosa's (to others reading, it's a Cincy thing...)

  3. That double pepperoni pizza does sound nice... specially right about now!! and you are welcome.... :D

    It is good to help out a fellow Cincy gamer. I grew up in the Blue Ash / Dillonville area but life (wife) brought me out to the Wilmington / Hillsboro area of Ohio... but family and work are still in Cincy...
  4. Hey, getting away from the suburban speed zone is nice (although Blue Ash seems to be immune, I like it there).

    Hey, I did have a question about the extension for the 8-pin power connector... is that just something to pick up at MicroCenter? That extension doesn't come with the PSU, correct? This is good, I can start the build PREPARED. :D

    Lastly, here's where I pop the bubble... I play zero games... my rig will be for video editing and Photoshop. My Canon DSLR shoots enormous HD video, and needs a megaPC to edit it all. HOWEVER, I am a big Flight Simmer with extensive scenery packs, but is Microsoft Flight Simulator considered a game? Probably not! lol!

    BTW, I liked your signature, simple and clean.. I used some of it to formulate my own if that's OK with you...
  5. I just picked mine up from MicroCenter and yes.. the PSU doesn't come with it. I picked mine up a head of time along with a 24-pin connector because I wasn't sure if mine would fit originally.

    Well... good thing you went with a Core i7 build since you can't beat it for video editing and Photoshop activities. Microsoft Flight Simulator is considered a game but it is more CPU driven than GPU driven.

    No problem on "benchmarking" my signature format for your own... I did the same with someone elses myself.
  6. BTW, thanks for all the info! UPS just delivered my mobo, the last piece I needed, and I'm a bit antsy sitting here at work with a now buildable rig sitting at home! lol!

    I'll let you know how it goes. This is my first build, and our first build is probably the most nerve-racking and the most fun. :D

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