What Server(s) do you people play CS on?

Hey i just started playing counter-strike online does anyone else here?

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  1. Well, all I do is just refresh the entire server list, then just pick and choose from the fastest responding servers. All at the top ping 40-100, which is perfectly fine for me.
    I'd give you some specific IPs but I just have them...but I don't have any written down.
  2. wow....with my 40.000bps connection the lowest ping is 150..is it any good for CS? I NEVER have lags though! I think 300ping for CS is MAX for some good playing!
  3. Well right now im on a 56k and i get a ping around 280 sometimes it goes up but it doesnt start to lag till about 700.

    My name is Sauris and i used to play on the [CK] server but its getting shut down so now i play almost all the time on MPLS TERROR. I would like to show you how bad i am some time ive had counter-strike for about 4 days and the best ive done is 8-7 on [CK].

    Anyone have their own server?

    <font color=green>I can draw tyte give me the damn crayon!</font color=green>
  4. I host my own server.. it's cable but it pulls 6 people including me no problem with pings as low as 60... It's the best but when i play i usually play with 3 of my friends on the phone with me.. it's really fun...

    If you ever see THE GREATEST SERVER drop by it's always good!

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