Only able to load 1gb Ram

I was having trouble with my bios where I woudl have to try and boot 2 times to load. The screen would be blank, no signal, and the computer would only run its fans and lights as fast as it could. I tried updating my bios to the latest version, and clearing the CMOS. This worked to let me boot everytime but my windows 7 will crash on repair or normal start everytime, when I have more than 1gig of ram. I remember having this trouble with windows vista and their was a fix (probubly a patch) but does nto work for Windows 7. Any ideas? I also tried updating my MB drivers but if you have any idas on that it woudl be helpful. When i booted twice all of my system was working with out crashes and this went on for about a month.

Windows 7 x64
Q6600 (no clocked)
x2 nVidia GTS 8800 512 (no clocked)
Corsair Dominator 4x1gig
Asus Striker Extreme
-Bios 1901 version
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  1. I enabled a SLI rdy memoy setting on my bios and it appears to work now...
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