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Okay, I have a newer laptop and the HDD started going its still working I am using it now but it is not gonna be running for long I think lol

I have bought a second HDD and I am ready to install it and ill probably be dual booting a Linux Distro/Windows 7.. I do not have a disc for windows 7 as a lot of newer laptops do not ship with a restore disc or anything like that, and creating a restore disc will be useless from what I understand because its a new HDD and there will be no restore partition on it obviously..

So my question is, If install the new HDD in my laptop.. and this windows 7 disc my friend had that is supposedly an OEM disc(to use my license key on the bottom of my laptop).. If for whatever reason if the install doesnt go through or my key doesn't work with this OEM disc, can I put in my 1st HDD thats going bad and have it still work incase I need to get back on the forums or find another solution?

I am just not sure if things go awry if I can still load into windows 7 off of my original HDD..

Any insight is very much appreciated.
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  1. So each OEM is different. If your friend's laptop is the same manufacture, the it should work (but not in all cases). However, it should install regardless but it may not activate. If it doesn't just contact your manufacture and let them know and they will working getting the system reactivated for you.

    I'd still make a restore disk. It should reinstall Windows on a new hard rive.
  2. If your old drive is OK for now, you can clone it. Use clonezilla or a similar program, clone the existing drive to a backup drive, and restore to the new one. If you want to try for a clean setup of Win 7, you will have that backup drive handy just in case. This way you have a recovery available if the original drive dies before you can get the second drive going.
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