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I have purchased an MA790FXT-UD5P, have it up and running but can only achieve 2200 HT!
I am using 955 BE. Why can I not achieve the 2600 HT as Advertised by Newegg's spec's.?
also driver disk is listed as UD3 and does not contain the Dolby Home Theater software. Has anyone else experienced this? wondering if I should just rma this board as sometimes it gets a little flaky on a cold boot. firmware F8c.
any comments would be great as would your experienced thoughts.
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  1. Do you have Cool'nQuiet enabled? Probably downclocking...
  2. ummmm... i don´t know may be if u show more of your rig i mean memos, GPU, etc etc i have the same MOBO... and works just fine
  3. Resolved, Thank you
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