IDE HDD to SATA mobo

I am new to the forum but I would appreciate any help you can provide me. I am currently building a new computer as a replacement to my antique Dell Dimension 3000. I would like to use my old hard drive (which is IDE) on my new computer (SATA only Mobo) so I can use my operating system until I eventually buy a new hard drive and clone this hard drive onto the new one.
I was wondering what would be the best solution(either adapter or cable) to help me get around this compatibility issue.

Thanks for all your help
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  2. great idea!! thanks for your help
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  4. chipleytt said:
    great idea!! thanks for your help

    Glad to help.

    Please be aware that you cannot just put your existing HD in a new system and have it work. The HD will be
    looking for all of the old components and might not even boot into Windows.

    Here's a link to some discussion about doing this:

    You can also do a Google search How to install an old hard drive in a new system

    Good luck!
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