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Hello All,

I have a PC, Athlon X2 5600+ which is currently running a 7900GS. This card for the most part doesn't really give me any issues but as part of my plan to upgrade the box to Windows 7, I want to replace the card to enable my fam to play older games at higher res and always the possibility of newer titles as well. I of course have a very limited budget so was looking into the 9600GT. How much of a performance improvement will I see?

From the July '09 round up I see that this card can be found for $75 which fits my budget perfectly.
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  1. Older games include AOE3, BF1942, Sims2, Trainz2006, looking to run higher than 1280x1024 (1600x1200 ideally with high detail).

    I'm also really looking forward to BF1943.

    Sorry, should have included this in the first post.
  2. Do n't think you' have any problems with those.
    Although, if you do n't have to sell body parts or send the children out to work down the mines, I would suggest a HD4850 or 9800GTX/GTS250 class of card will be better, particularly given your 'possibility of newer titles' requirement.
  3. +1 for 4850
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