OCZ ModXStream 700w PSU xfire?

I recently purchased a ModXStream 700w from OCZ and I was just wondering if 700ws is enough to power 2 HD5850's or even 5870's.
My system is in my sig. I would have to get a new mobo for this.
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    700 watts is more than enough to power a system with two ATI Radeon HD 5850 or 5870 video cards in Crossfire mode. The official recommendation at the ATI web site is a 600 watt power supply with 40 amps on the 12 volt rail(s) for Crossfire.
  2. Thanks Johnny, sounds good. It just sucks that they're so expensive.
  3. I'm not a gamer so I settled for one XFX version of the ATI Radeon HD 4770 video card. Got it for $109.00 and shipping was free.
  4. cgintz said:
    It just sucks that they're so expensive.

    That's not really expensive. That's about average for a good PSU in that capacity range. And even so, a 650 watt Corsair or Antec has more usable power (50 - 52 amps @ 12 volts compared to the OCZ's 46 amps).
  5. I was talking about the 5870. Plus I would have to get a new mid to high end mobo. Pretty expensive haha
  6. Ive been looking at this power supply as well, and while the wattage is enough i am fairly certain it cannot support Crossfire for two 5850/5870s due to each video card needing two PCIE connectors, so 4 in total with two cards. and this power supply only has two PCIE connectors... not 100% certain, but am I right?
  7. Yeah it doesn't have enough. but molex is fine i think.
  8. cgintz said:
    Yeah it doesn't have enough. but molex is fine i think.

    im a bit of a noob, not completely clear what you are referring to... are you saying you can convert the 4 molex connectors on the PSU to PCIE?

    If yes, does the video card or the PSU come with adapters?
  9. Yes, sometimes the video card will come with connectors but not always. You can get them at
  10. can anyone comment on the quality of the PSU?

    there is a deal to get this for $50

    but there was a link to a HardOCP review that gave it some bad reviews?

    i am looking to get a PSU

    Intel i7 920
    2x ATI 5850 crossfire
  11. i can't really comment on this PSU as I actually don't have it and also looking at for my build but HardOCP did re-review the power supply to "rectify" some issues with their original review

    worth a look
  12. an i7 plus xfire is pretty power consuming. You might have to bump up to an 800+w. Personally if I had the money with your setup I would go for the 850 corsair.
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