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When i added a Graphic card, it turned off my integrated VGA
but i want to turn it back on so i couuld attach a 2nd monitor
help with this please
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  1. This may not be possible. Check your foxconn manual.
  2. I have done some googling and all it shows is that most people are 99% sure you cant combine onboard with a graphics card.

    I have tried it myself in the past also and didnt get it to work either and I havent heard of a single story of a person who did get it to work.

    I believe it has something to do with the onboard VGA and the first Graphics card using the same ID and therefore the computer cant send signals to both of them.

    It's like calling both of your dogs 'Barky' and expecting the right one to come to you evertime you call out his name.
  3. ok thanks
    btw thats one bad metaphor haha
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