Anyone tried OCing i5 with turbo ENABLED?

I was just curious to see if anyone has tried overclocking their i5 whilst keeping turbo mode enabled?

I know you won't be able to go huge on the overclock, but turbo mode seems like a great feature and I was wondering how much of a difference a small overclock with turbo would make to performance? especially with regards to efficiency vs a bigger "always high" overclock.

I've come across a little online but not a lot and was wondering if anyone had any hands on experience?
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  1. Not tried it but to be honest I think it'd make overclocking in the first place a bit redundant, but I guess the theory is if the i5 is capable of hitting 4GHz but you don't need 4GHz all the time, work out what base overclock you'd need to take turbo up to 4GHz when it kicks in.

    Personally I'm going the profile route and just loading an appropriate OC for my i7 depending on what I'm doing - rarely do I mix up what I'd be doing in any particular computing session, so I'm easy to just fire off a new profile (Windows or BIOS with reboot) and be rock n roll.
  2. Turbo Boost Enabled. I have been working with the Multi/Bclk and what you end up with is this:

    Without Turbo:
    20X180@3.6 = Low Voltage, Cool CPU Super Pi 1M runs of 14 sec.
    20X190@3.8 = Medium Voltage, Warm CPU 12 sec.
    20X200@4.0 = High Voltage, HOT CPU 10.5 sec.
    20X210@4.2 = Max Voltage, Scorching CPU 9.5 sec

    With Turbo and EIST Enabled:
    20X180@3.6 = Low Volts, Cool CPU(Turbo Max X24 multi) 4320MHz 10 Sec
    20X185@3.7 = Medium Volts, Warm CPU (May be unstable) 4400 MHz 9.5 sec

    The speeds are actually higher with Turbo Boost enabled, however its not neccessarily on every core as I have heard, so basically 1 or 2 cores kick into over drive. So basically while gaming or lower core usage your system is faster. While doing Core intensive work lower multis so a little slower (So little you wouldn't notice). And with i7 HT on, the whole theory goes out the window.
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