Cooler Master ATCS 840 - Question, please help

my setup:

case: cooler master atcs 840

motherboard: gigabyte ep45-ud3p

cpu: intel's e8500

ram: 4g kit 800 mhz kingston

psu: corsair tx-850w

hdd: 1xtb w.d

graphics card: gtx 260 o.c

*i don't know for sure if it's my motherboard or my case (switch)*

problem: when i press "power" the lights on my motherboard and the front panel (case) led's lights up as normal, as well as the case fans turns on as normal.

wait 1-2 seconds the led lights on the front panel and on my motherboard turns off, as well as my case fans.

wait 2 seconds everything turns on as normal.

q1: what could be the problem?

q2: what can i do to fix it?
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  1. are all the cables plugged in?

    you should have 2x 6 pin PCIe cables for the graphics card, 1x 4/8 pin ATX12V cable and 24 pin motherboard cable along with the molex, fan and sata cables where they're needed.
  2. maybe you should try turning on the power without the swtich, meaning using tweasers.

    or maybe it could be just when you first connect and turn everything on and that's how your motherboard or psu loads up.

    see most people once they connected everything they leave it and don't disconnect.
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