Unplug Keyboard to boot computer.

Hi All,
I have one of those annoying ones for you to try help me with.
I use my computer to test and backup other hard drives from computers I'm trying to fix.
Today i put the drive i needed to test into my comp and booted it up, All Good. test drive working and made a backup of vital files.
Removed the hard drive from my comp and restarted it and it hang on the Asus ROG boot screen. Hit the restart switch and same again.
I started unplugging things one by one to try finding the issue and when i unplugged my keyboard and plugged it back in, the computer started up and runs fine.
I have rebooted the computer four time and same thing it only starts up after i pull out the keyboard and plug it back in.

Any ideas?

Sys specs are: Antec 900 case, Antec 1200 psu, Asus striker 2 extreme, Intel Q9550 quad cord, 2GB DDR3 Team ram, Pioneer DVD RW 108, Geforce 9800 GTX+, Seagate 80gb HDD (vista only), Seagate 320gb HDD (all other programs and storage),
Razer Tarantula keyboard, Razer Mamba gaming mouse.
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  1. Did you try reinstalling the keyboard drivers?
  2. is it a USB keyboard?
    Check if your bios has a 'USB Heritage' option and if it does, turn it on perhaps that'll help to make it recognise the keyboard.
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