LGA1366-Will it accept processors beyond I7?

Just wondering if the LGA1366 socket will accept processors beyond the I7?
I am considering installing a new MB in my PC-trying to decide between AMD and Intel.
The one benefit of the AMD is the AM3 board will accept AMD's new processors for the foreseeable future.
Not so sure about the Intel board. I don't want to be doing another MB upgrade in a year or two.
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  1. intel being intel will probably release a new socket so that you have to upgrade your mobo and they can take a cut of the chipset
  2. It's said that socket 1366 will support future gulftown CPUs:
    "My recommendations from the initial Lynnfield review still stand, you'll want to opt for Bloomfield processor if you care about:

    1) High-end multi-GPU performance (or other uses of high bandwidth PCIe)
    2) Stock Voltage Overclocking
    3) Future support for 6-core Gulftown CPUs"
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