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I have an older Dell Dimension 2400 running XP and an HP6480 printer. I had a virus removed and now cant print. Tried to uninstall and re install printer, and it wont re install. I'm am getting print spooler not running and RPC server not available. error messages. Any ideas other than re installing XP?
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  1. Your printer is already installed, it’s not available due to the Print Spooler service being disabled. So you need to enable the Print Spooler Service as follows: Go to Control Panel\Management Tools\Services\double click on Print Spooler\and in Startup Type, set it in Automatic, click on Apply, and next click on Start. If this doesn’t enable your printer other service/s on which the Print Spooler Service depends, may be disabled.

    So go back to the Print Spooler Service and click on the Dependencies tab, make a note of the listed services.. by default only the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service is listed, but you may have another service added by an installed application. Apparently a virtual drive application has added a “Virtual Disk” service identified by the System as “RPC Server”. This service may be disabled and the Spooler service may depend on it… So check if a Virtual Disk service is listed on the Spooler Service dependencies Tab, and enable it on Automatic start.

    If no Virtual Disk service is present, see if the Server Service is up and running and enable it if necessary… Report back if your printer still is not available. Remember your printer is already installed but it needs the Print Spooler service to be available for printing.

    You may want to check your Windows Services against this Microsoft page to enable them according to the default information.

    Default settings for services
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