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I recently installed Windows 8 preview edition, but it got buggy and now I want to install Windows 7 again. I have Windows 7 on cd, but on Norwegian. I have installed my Windows 8 in English. So when I try to install my Windows 7 with cd it says: You can not upgrade/install a new os with another language that my Windows is installed with? What to do?
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  1. Are you booting from the Windows DVD or are you just trying to run the install program from within your existing system? I think you're going to need to do a fresh install by booting directly from the DVD itself.
  2. U need to be more clear on what u doing and what is happening.

    1 Insert Win7 DVD to DVD drive.

    2 Restart, and select to boot from CD/DVD first

    3 After u do that it will ask u to continue "press any key"

    4 It should start from there... when u get to format option, select format before installing.

    U can't get to this point?
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